Facilities and Services

Jazcom comprises of 75 private fertile acres, which has both flat ground and undulating hills to cater for horse growth and their needs.

Our facilities include:

  • Various size individual yards
  • Fertile lush small and large paddocks, catering for multiple horses
  • Smaller yards for Post Operative Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Top rail fencing with stand-off electrics and safe laneway systems
  • Stable Complex
  • Shelters in all paddocks
  • Horse weighing scales

Our Services include:

  • Catering for horse spelling; ranging from thoroughbreds to eventers, to pacers
  • Experience in the Care and Management of Post Operative and Rehabilitation
  • Routine weight gain assessment
  • Horse reports tailored to your needs; which can include a horse update, weights and photos
  • Visits from all major veterinary practices including; Randwick Equine Centre and Warwick Farm Equine Centre. Plus we have 24hour at call local Vet Services, including the University in Camden, which is only 20mins away.
  • Professional and friendly customer service